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Guild Wars 2 Guiild Applications Empty Guild Wars 2 Guiild Applications

Post by Eccho on Sun 25 Mar - 7:09

Vex no longer has a Guild on Guild Wars 2 Due to the game sucking.

Typically there will be an application form on the website to be filled out by those looking to apply. However application forms don't make themselves and ours is currently under development. So for now please copy the entire below post and post your application below. ( the applications have recently been moved so all old applications are not viewable.)

To be clear, here I mean the post BELOW this one.. not the words below this paragraph in this post. Please kindly use your scroll bar and move on down to the post below once you have finished reading these instructions.

Please include your main characters name (or your chosen name to "go" by) in the subject field so that we can find you easily.

You do not need to sign up to the forums to apply.
The forums are for vex community (including MMO guild members) so feel free to sign up to the forums at the same time as applying once your application has been accepted I will activate your forum account.

Forum accounts will not be activated without an application.

There are a few threads in which non-members can read and post in so if you have any questions feel free to browse the topics viewable to you.

you will be notified via message should you be accepted.

Before you apply take the time to read through the Vex Rules and Regulations. We have very little requirements of our players but a few simple guidelines help keep order and the guild running smoothly.

Thank you for your interest in Vex and we look forward to meeting you again in Tyria.

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Guild Wars 2 Guiild Applications Empty Application Form

Post by Eccho on Sun 25 Mar - 7:22

Vex Application Form

Firstly congrats you’ve taken the first step into becoming awesome.
Secondly Vex has no hours of play requirements or age and country of origin restrictions but I will ask these of you simply to get to know you better.
Feel free to type N/A if you are unable to answer the questions.

Name: (your real one, just first name is fine)

Contact Email:

The name you want to be known as:: (This will become your Ventrilo log in name once your application has been accepted and should also become your forum name)

Please take the time to put this ^ name into the subject field of your email. This makes my life easier. Thank you

If your Indended forum name is different to this ^ name please enter it here or I wont know to activate it

Where did you hear about Vex?

Character(s): (include class and level make your main the first entry)

Place you call home:

Is English your first language? Yes/No

If No (and maybe if Yes…) How well would you say you speak/understand English?

Very Well
Why are there no language options on this form
Por qué no hay opciones de idiomas en este formulario!!
Warum gibt es keine Sprache Optionen auf diesem Formular!!

Vex requires people to join Ventrilo during large scale group events. (mic not required)
Do you have Ventrilo or are willing to download it. (joining large scale events is not a requirement)

Yes/No/I do not wish to participate in large scale events.


Vex has no age limit as mentioned above however we do ask for maturity and respect towards other members. Do you agree to act as such? Yes/No

I would like to make it clear at this point that immaturity and negative attitudes will not be tolerated. It is your responsibility to not let your age or RL engagements impact on other guild members playing. There will be no leaving in the middle of events to “Sorry my mom just called I have to go to bed” or “Sorry I have to get my nurse to change my old man diapers B.R.B dudes” Organize your playing time around your real life and respect the people who you are playing with.

How long roughly would you say you will be playing per week?

Can you outrun a Centaur?

Any Crafting Skills: Include level
(bribes at this point are beneficial)

Tell me something about yourself or what you could bring to the guild or past experiences whatever: (This is honestly the only part of this form I read so make it interesting)

Favorite Color:

Was WoW the first MMO?

What are you wearing?

Thank you for applying to join Vex. A Vex representative will get back to you in 7-10 working days.

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