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Applying to the Vex Community Empty Applying to the Vex Community

Post by Eccho on Fri 26 Oct - 1:34

Hello there and welcome!!!! Vex is a gaming community designed to unite gamers of all shapes and sizes under the one metaphorical roof.
Looking for a place where other people entertain their soul by killing virtual versions of their friends?

Well you have come to the right place.

To Apply sign up to the forums and answer these few simple questions by posting below.

Forum Name -
Games you play -
Do you like cats -

If you wish to join a Vex MMO guild you may be required to fill out additional applications check the applications thread specific to that MMO

We have Vent upon your acceptance find your way to the Ventrilo info thread and sign in as a guest. An admin will set you up a member account when they get round to it XD.

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