Friday Night Drunken ARAMS

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Friday Night Drunken ARAMS Empty Friday Night Drunken ARAMS

Post by Eccho on Fri 26 Oct - 6:01

This occurs every Friday Night usually hosted by the sweet and amazing Eccho. If you wish to join log on around 6pm AEST (add Bunny Fluffles as a friend)

Drinking is not a requirement (but makes it more fun) and recording your drunken team mates is optional.

Drunken Friday Night ARAMS is a friendly event. please leave your rage at home in a closet. Abusive peoples will not be invited to the following games.

There is a player limit of 10 people (isn't usually a problem) should there be more than 5 players Vex members must stay on the side they load into (with he exception of Oblicity who bitches like a little girl if he doesn't get on the blue side in which case I will trade with him)

Bitching out the "randoms" on your team (for fun) in Vent is fine and encouraged (its always their fault anyway XD) but try not to insult them in game. Should a "random" insult a Vex member all Vex members are welcome to jump on his face and tell him how much of a douche he is !!! Smile

Any level account is welcome for Vex members. however random players must be 25 or higher.

Dodging is not permitted.

Unless we have a full 10 people and I host a private game I will not send out invites you need to find the game simply order my summoner name and look for Bunny Fluffles. People quit if they see invited people and it takes too long to fill up the room.

Feel free to join at a later time or come and go as you please as we do not need 10 people at all times.

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