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Play magicka!!! Empty Play magicka!!!

Post by Eccho on Sun 20 Jan - 1:42

This game is awesome for those of you who haven't played it.

Multi-player for up to 4 people. run around as a little wizard shooting fireballs streams of Lightning and encasing yourself in stone shields!!! oh and don't forget raining down massive meteor showers of doom.... and better yet there's no protection from your friends.... or your self even. whats that you meant to encase yourself in a stone shield but one wrong button and BOOM you just dropped a massive boulder on your face.

its fun, quirky, cute.. just make sure you play it with people you like... because when they throw wind in your face and knock you off a cliff you had better trust them enough not to steal your epic weapon.

Play magicka!!! Signat12

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