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Random que Dungeon Finder

Post by Eccho on Fri 22 Feb - 12:28


This is my list of dungeons for today.
gate of setting sun - 1
Scarlet Halls - 0
Scarlet monastery - 1
Scholomance - 0
Shado pan Monestry - 1
Seige of Niuzao - 0
Stormstout Brewery - 0
temple of the jade Serpent - 2
Mogu'shan Palace- 6 FUCKING TIMES

Mogu' shan drops zero upgrades for me ZERO.
I have actually started que dodging I'd rather sit there for 30 minutes staring at nothing than run that god awful place AGAIN I ran it 29i3572308974098213728 times while leveling the last thing I want to do is pointlessly run it over and over and over in heroic mode.

Anyone else had this stupid ass phenomenon happen to them?


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