Thoughts on Crafting and gathering

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Thoughts on Crafting and gathering Empty Thoughts on Crafting and gathering

Post by Eccho on Mon 11 Mar - 4:02

Crafting is AMAZING
its sooooo fun.. well I like gathering the most am dying to try out fishing and mining.
I'm planing on leveling crafting before I really focus on leveling a combat class.

I'm going to level my Arcanist to the point where I can hire a retainer and gain access to leve quests. then its crafting/gathering forever.
I'm planing on leveling up every craft since you can in this game.
Going to need to find out how to unlock all of the gear sets though.

I'm going to focus on all of the discipline of land (gathering)
with carpentry leatherworking and tailoring to craft my crafting gear
plus cooking and alchemy.

I'll do the smithing crafts later i think.

I think the best thing is that I can sit there and level a craft without having to level up a combat class at all! you can be a level 50 botanist in a level 50 area and safely move about the zones Stealth forever. I always hated going out for a solid gathering session but always getting aggored by mobs.. especially when you're playing a healing class and it takes you 4 hours to kill shit.

And the effect gear has on your gathering/crafting is huge and worthwhile. you definitely want to be equipping level appropriate gear at every chance. and procing a High Quality gear piece makes quite a large difference as well.

Anyone else planning on spamming out some crafts??

Anyone that's not crafting I will have a surplus of gear that I will probably just NPC as I craft so if you want any gear let me know. I will happily give/ trade it for gil donations and crafting mats.

So far i am unaware of a guild bank situation as it hasn't been released.

As soon as the NDA has been lifted I will probably write up some guides and such.

I am honestly not going to be leveling up a combat class at all at the start (just enough to unlock retainer) crafting is amazing. I wish I could own my own little shop that would be totes amazballs.

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Thoughts on Crafting and gathering Empty Re: Thoughts on Crafting and gathering

Post by Anduiril on Sun 21 Jul - 19:02

I'm right there with you. I'll be leveling Archer to get my Airship pass then I'll start working on my gathering and crafting skills.

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