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Post by Admin on Fri 15 Jun - 4:50

Event Managers cannot be biased and choose more skilled players from less experienced players for standard events

During large scale guild progression events with limited numbers available the event manager can choose the best team out of available members. Earning a slot in a high end event requires hard work and effort it is not a right to all members.

When applying to an event please list your class and position for example whether you are available to Damage,Support, control, tank etc. different classes work well with different classes and play styles so provide as much information as you can so you can be placed with the best group of people.

During Large Scale Events general chit chat should be kept to a minimum and at times members may be required not to talk at all and listen only to commanders and event managers

Those who do not use a headset that is do not have their sound concentrated away and inaudible to their mic should take special care to avoid talking when others are talking. Should you wish to not kill everyone with screaming voices please find a way to move your mic away from your speakers

Afking without announcing you are doing so to a commander, manager or leader can result in being kicked from a group and not be selected for future groups.

Those who constantly break rules may be put on an event probation period. They may get passed over for future events and may miss out on the chance for loot during events.

Event managers must plan in breaks and members must try and use these breaks instead of constant afking.

Loot during events is available to all members despite their level, skill or time available to play. However if prior discussed by event managers officers, commanders or myself loot privledges may be given to a member who has earned the right as a reward for excellence. If this is the case members in the event must be aware of the reward before the event starts.

Event managers have the right to remove members from events or not allow them into events but must provide a reason. If you feel an event manager has mistreated you speak first to the event commander then to an officer or myself.

Constant misbehaviour in group events can result in being removed from the guild.

Vex has no class requirements so you should never feel you have to play a class or change specs if you do not wish too however your possition may be given to someone over you if they are willing to do so. Try and be flexible those who go out of their way to assist the guild will be rewarded.


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