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Below is a list of Vex Forum topics and what can and cannot be posted in there. (please bear with me as I format this huge lump of text.)

The forums provide members with the freedom to talk and express themselves just please try to be considerate of others and keep your topics relevant . if things are moving in an irrelevant way then step up show some initiative and move the thread to another place.
Irrelevant posts and threads will moved or deleted If I am forced to move or delete too many posts/threads made by one person consistently that person will lose forum privileges for a short time. Please don’t make me become a guild leader who must rule with an iron fist I would prefer things remain casual and easy.

Official Threads are often open for discussion but MUST remain on topic. if you are not sure whether you should be talking in them or not refer to this post.

Vex Rules and Regulations
Official Threads Only
About Vex
This thread is to give members and non-members an idea of who Vex is members and guests cannot post in here
The Nitty Gritty
This contains all rules of vex all members should read every post in here. Members cannot post in this topic
This is where you post complaints. It is NOT a discussion thread it is an official thread where members and non-members who have problems inside of vex or with vex members can find out who to talk to. General complaints can be posted however personal complaints must go through to the human resource officer. This thread is open to the public if you have problems with your forum account and can’t log onto vent you can contact me here
Recruitment – Official Threads Only
How to apply
details information for non-members on applications
For Non-members
This holds some information for members there are also some spaces for vex members to talk about their experiences in Vex to help non-members make up their minds about joining
Guild – Official Threads Only
Guild information
This contains all important guild information like the vent server, websites member lists etc.
Guild talk
This is a discussion thread but must be used to discus guild relevant topics only.
Guild Acknowledgements
This is where we list vex and vex member achievements. Say thankyou to someone congratulate someone but try not to discuss things here
Help Vex
This is where ideas on helping vex offering to help vex or responding to threads from me asking for guild relevant assistance goes. Keep discussions low so information can be found however some topics in here are open for discussions just keep them relevent
The Black List
This is viewable to admins only it lists names of people who are under no circumstances may be invited into the guild
The Game – discussion threads
Game Talk – discussion thread (must remain relevent)
Talk about the game here anything you want provided it is about GW2
Talk about PvE related things
talk about PvP related things
talk about WvW related things
Class Discussions
Discussions about classes. There are class stickies for that class only type threads but feel free to create your own thread if your discussion does not fit under that category.
Discussions about crafting can be done here There are crafting stickies but feel free to creat your own discussion threads about more specific things.
Introduce yourself
this is not really a discussion thread but feel free to use it to talk to new members in their introducing themselves thread as they may feel more comfortable talking in their own thread. You can not create threads in this topic unless you are creating an introduce yourself thread. Each member can only have one thread
Member Threads
You cannot create a thread here Eccho gives out a thread to those who post too much if you have a member thread go crazy and do what you want you can moderate it yourself post will only be deleted if they are offensive in nature.
Just Talk - Free discussion thread
this is the place for discussions!!!!! DISCUSS STUFF HERE if you are in a official thread and a topic comes up create a thread and talk about it here. Write in the official thread that you have moved the discussion to here and that will stop things being clogged up. Posts and threads will only be deleted if they are offensive in nature.
Post announcements here but try to keep the amount of announcements down. This is for announcing official guild stuff birthdays achievements etc
Real life picture thread
This is supposed to be for real life pictures not pictures of your PC that goes in the topic below raises eyebrow ….
Show us your Rig
Pictures of computers
Event management
Upcoming Events - Official Thread Only
Only event managers and above ranks can post in here. These are for guild official events. This thread is only for applying to an event if you have questions about the event move down to the correct fields event topic below
PvE Events
PvP Events
WvW Events
Anyone can create a competition. Should the competition require rewards from the guild bank etc it must be discussed with the special event manager or officer and above ranks
Guild Positions
Ask the Oracle
Tech Squad
Film Crew
Unrelated - Discussion Threads
Random - Freedom
Anime - read the sticky rules no spoilers please
Internet Humor - place warnings on anything that should not be viewed by under 15's or people with senstive stomachs etc.


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