Who Are We and What Makes us Special

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Who Are We and What Makes us Special Empty Who Are We and What Makes us Special

Post by Admin on Thu 26 Apr - 13:42

Game - Guild Wars 2
World - (insert server name)

So what is Vex and what makes us different from other guilds?

Vex has a system that allows each and every member to have the opportunity to take responsibility and own a part of the guild they’re in.

If you have what it takes to lead then step up and take the challenge. We have roles in all aspects of Guild Wars 2 game play and we need leaders to fill these positions. But more about those later, what if you’re a casual member just looking for a guild to be a part of? What better place than a guild with multiple people running and organizing events so that all you have to do is show up at the right time. We have members from all corners of the globe and so there will always be someone online whether you’re from America, Australia or Africa. Events will be going on at all times and better yet there are no requirements for members to participate. If you want to be in a guild just to have someone to chat with but would rather solo your way to level cap then by all means. Play how you want to play. Be who you want to be we have no restrictions on classes.

Vex is going to be huge and this can be a problem for many people. Who wants to log in each day to numerous unknown names and voices? So how are we going to combat this? Vex will be recruiting in phases. At each level of numbers we will halt all further applications for a period of time so there is no huge fluctuation in numbers. Also the system we have in place means no one person is managing and organizing event for all members. The individual roles divide the guild up into sections while we remain one guild as a whole.

So what are these roles I keep talking about.
No one guild can happily satisfy everyone’s needs… or that’s how it has been previously. Vex is not just a PvE guild or a PvP guild or WvWvW guild we’re everything and that’s what makes us different.
We will recruit within our members PvE Event managers, PvP Event Managers and WvW Event Managers. These people will organize events within their specific field meaning people will always have something to do there will always be something running for members to participate in. These bigger roles can be held my multiple people however many are needed to run events smoothly. Our WvW Event managers will run our WvW events being our commanders and leading us to victory. PvE Event managers will organize questing groups, large scale raids, dungeon groups. We have many ranks and roles within the guild. From officers to administrators to Event managers, we have a Tech Squad with qualified IT Technicians to help members out with issues they may be having, Specified people in charge of our Ventrilo server or human resources/complaints. We have positions to be filled for Video Editing getting Vex media out and into the world.

If you’re looking for a guild where you can do as you please be around interesting people and be included in whatever tickles your fancy your reading the right forum.
If you’re interested in leading taking responsibility and owning your own piece of a great guild this forum might also be for you.

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