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Post by Admin on Wed 30 May - 16:43

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Yes Rules they are a requirement even for an easy going and casual guild like Vex. To keep the relaxed atmosphere Vex has a few rules and basic guidelines that are more like common sense than any real requirements.
Vex has a reputation One that I personally take great pride in. In becoming a member you are agreeing to follow the guidelines set out below. Punishments like exclusions from events/loot rights and even guild kicks can result from repeatedly ignoring or disobying these rules.


There is no age requirement for Vex members however all members must agree to act maturally. Other members are not here to babysit or listen to immature trolling, language or disrespect. Constant personality flaws can be guild kickable.

No member is above any other member and all members must respect one another. I'm not asking you to like every member in the guild or do I expect there to never be an arguement. Using racial or sexist terms to delibrately bring another member down is completely unacceptable. Vex does not descriminate and this goes both ways. People shall not use their sexual orientation to make othe members feel uncomfortable. Vex is female friendly and sexual harrassment is not acceptable. Depending on the extremity of disrespect or harrassment this can be an instant guild kick.

Vex has a vivid event system with multiple events running at all times This system works based on the members who show up to an event. Vex has a sign up system. if you sign up to an Event you had better attend. This is one of the most important rules In the Vex handbook. Emergnacies happen. Let the event manager know ahead of time if you can no longer make it or provide an acceptable excuse after at the very least. Not showing up for events without a good reason or doing it repeatidly can be a guild kickable offence we take attendance very seriously.

When participating in an event silently going afk without telling the event manager is not only inconvenient but rude and irresponsible. This, should it happen continuously is a guild kickable offense.

Using the Vex name publicly without first asking permission of an officer or related administrator or event manager can cause harm to the Vex reputation. Think wisely before you act.

Foul language and trolling in public game chats and forums disgraces the Vex name. again think wisely before you act.

What you do in your own personal time is fine however showing up for a guild planned event intoxicated and unable to function to your full ability is not acceptable. Drunken PvP and sillyness is fine this rule is in regards to signed up, preorganised guild events that effect guild progression and reputation.

These rules are very limited and Vex allows members almost complete freedom. Abide by these and your time with Vex will be easy and enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these rules and guidlines. If you have any questions regarding the above rules please contact me through forum messaging or at


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